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At The Masters House Church and Taree Firehub, we have hosted some memorable Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists and others. We have also travelled to many areas around the State, Nation and some Nations around the globe. So it is fair to say that when we talk about healings, deliverences, salvations, restorations, etc..... it is not a one person show, it is not a one pastor show, but it has been a number of people called "family" of God, coming together that love God and love people enough to want to see them saved, healed and delivered to experience the fullness of God in their lives.


There are numerous testimonies since the official launch of the Taree Firehub in 2016 for the celebration of 110th Azusa St Anniversary. We will endeavour to put just a few up as we wait on people to send in their testimonies for this page. If you feel that this ministry has helped you in any way, either through salvation, healing, deliverance, etc.. and you feel like sharing your testimony please feel free to go to the "Contact Us" page and fill in all the info so we can post it on this page. Fell free to remain anonymous if you wish. We just want to let people know what is happening and how our God is still in the business of salvation, healing, delivering and restoring peoples lives, relationships, marriages, etc......

Also if you have been given a prophetic word that has come to pass, please feel free to share it as well. We just want to encourage people in their walks or journey, as we all have similar struggles and difficulties and need encouragemnt.

Be blessed and remember that you are not alone in this journey. There is a family of people that want to help if you need it.
















Valentina Di Lorenzo

Never judge a person by how they look! At the time this photo was taken I was in heavy addiction, homeless and living in a squat house, in an incredibly toxic and abusive relationship and so mentally unstable that I didn’t see anything wrong with how my life was. Believe it or not, this was not rock bottom for me! Things got a a lot worst before they started getting better for me... but better didn’t just happen! I had to make the decision and stick to it! Then I had to relinquish my control to God and to the people He had sent to me that would guide me back to wholeness. This part was hard for me, trusting when I’d learnt over so many years not to trust anyone. But it more than paid off! I can’t even begin to describe how my life has changed since! I have restoration with my family and for the first time in years and years can actually live happily in their home and get along with all of them! I can hold down a job and really enjoy it! I’ve bought a car and can pay all my bills! I no longer live from payday to payday!! These might seem like normal things to most people but the sad fact is that these things seem totally impossible to people still stuck in that toxic lifestyle. Rehab doesn’t fix people! There are so many failure cases 🤷‍♀️ it’s really quite obvious but Transformations is more than just a rehab!! They helped me totally retrain my brain and taught me how to do it myself! The lessons and love that they showed me in that time peeled away layers of my stoney heart and healed the old wounds that I was hiding ❤️ I cannot thank them enough! And that love and those lessons just flow out from me now because they showed me the reasons why some people are the way they are and how to separate a person from there behaviours! I’ve come to the point where I am grateful for my rock bottom, because if things in my life hadn’t got that bad then I never would’ve turned to Transformations. I know it’s hard when a loved one seems to be destroying themselves with terrible decisions and behaviours; I know how it effects you as someone who loves them, but stop protecting them from their own mistakes, stop taking consequences that were meant for them on your chin! I never would’ve been open to the idea of going away somewhere if it hadn’t have been my last option 🤷‍♀️ believe me! My mum tried for a year! But when the time was right, the door opened 🚪


Testimony from India:

Was able to pray and prophesy over a 13 year old boy. He came for prayer because he could'nt do well in school. In fact when exams were on he would get really sick and just couldnt do the exams. I believe he would be vomiting, etc.
As I prayed, he got delivered and was hit hard by the Holy Spirit.
On sunday he testified at church that he was totally healed and as he went back to school and sat to do end of year exams, he had no problems and was reported that he did well above expected on his exams. We give God all the Glory for His love and for healing this little boy.

Testimony from India:

Young man had crushed knee, was totally healed. All pain gone and normal movement back, also pin point Word of Knowledge and prophetic word about bible college.

Testimony from India:

I received this powerful testimony from a young man on Fire for Jesus. He has come out of drugs and a street life in Germany. He came back to Dehli, got his life right with God and has given everything up to serve Jesus. He is an awesome worshippers and an assistant to the head pastor. This young man has a powerful testimony been raised in a Christian orphanage school run by Frank well you just need to watch the link below.
Be blessed....

Praise the Lord, My Name is Anup and I am really grateful that Pastor Luis gave me this opportunity to share my experience with him and his Ministry. I would like to congratulate him and his ministry team because you all doing great job according to Bible, 
Acts 13:47 
47 For this is what the
Lord has commanded us:
“‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles,
that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’

When we were in taxi, he told something about me and exactly true. I have been praying to God for that long time. I was shocked as well surprised and I admitted. I was thinking, how this possible, how did he know? and what he told me was exactly true! I smiled at him and said, yeah of course you are servent of God and God told you everything.

I have learnt from Pastor Luis that we can pray anytime and anywhere. When we were visiting the historical places in Delhi, We started praying for people in that area, Delhi and India. 
And I experienced the presence of God there.
In the evening we went to visit one house. We did praise and worship. Pastor Luis shared the word of God and as well he did prophecy for people there. All room filled with the presence of God and holy spirit touched us all.

I have learnt a lot from Pastor Luis and I am really grateful to God. I would like to thank pastor Luis for all encouragement and motivation which he gave me through word of God and prayers. Please remember me in your prayers that God give me strength and power to bring more souls for His Kingdom. All glory to our almighty God. Amen


I have had low blood pressure all my life. Never felt much effect from it. But lately I had had dizzy feelings and especially in shopping centers. Blamed it on the lights. When Adam addressed it . He spoke healing over me. Then addressed a back problem I've had for years which i Just manage it. Then spoke about a death curse from the north. It was family related. Then I broke. It was my family which estranged for many years. Then he said something as I was in a crying mess, "It's not your fault". You've done nothing wrong. Then He said.. "This will be your best Christmas ever". This is the second time in a few months that I was promised that. Result being. I no longer have dizziness. My back is totally healed. And am so looking forward to Christmas..Only that I went to that conference discouraged. I had been in a holding pattern for so long. Still believing. But knowing I had to be there at the meeting..I didn't need a car to come home have been flying high ever since.


Also, I have been a christian for 53 years. Am in ministry. We all need a tender touch from our Father.. He is so radically kind. AND. a lot of change in myself and situations since being back. The last comment. Adam Thompson you really do rock. Love your ministry. Lots of reality also laughter and care. Love your story. Encouraged.



The Masters House Church Taree March 2019

In March I had a really painful foot which was diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. Ps. Godfrey Mulonde was visiting the church. After the meeting Ps. Godfrey told me that God had said my foot would be healed by Thursday. The pain originally was an 8 to 9 and extremely painful to walk on. By Wednesday the pain was down to about 2. When I walked into Church on Thursday night I walked in without a walking stick, totally healed. Thank you Lord. 


Gold Coast April 2019 

Praise God.. Glory to God.. Hello Pastor Luis.. HALLELUJAH, good REPORT for the glory of God in JesusNAME.. Our good good SAVIOR JESUS healed me from thyroid growths the doctors thought was dangerous.. but the results of the blood test and biopsy are all CLEAR... glory.. Did you remember you prayed for me at the Transformation? After the meeting u called me at the foyer and prayed swollen thyroid..? Glory ☝️🙌🔥🙏 and then Ps TOMMY prayed for me Saturday night then Sunday morning and said this affliction will NOT come back second time in JesusNAME ☝️🔥

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