India, December 2018

India Mission was just amazing time. It was an experience to have. 

Dehli was very interesting with beautiful people and culture and seen the amazing sites around the region. From the Indian Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, experincing diferent foods in homes and churches.

Had a wonderful time with Pastor Jai Prakash, showing me around the Indian Gate and been the most wonderful host imaginable. Loved this man of God his heart for people and the encouragement he shared with me was truly amazing.


First preach was at the YMCA, Pastor Sahin Kumar's Church which we had an awesome presence and was such a beautiful welcome, and an introduction to the Indian church culture. People were touched, saved and delivered. Absolutely loved Pastor Sachin and his family. They defineately made my trip in India a wonderful experience. We visited the Red Fort and had a wonderful time just prayer walking the Red Fort. So much I could say about these young Pastors, they are amazing man of God. 


















Agra was the next stop which is where the Taj Mahal is and the first Red Fort Buildt. We spent time praying at the Taj which i felt it was so powerful and such anointing as we prayed. This was a 4hour trip on coach which was a good time to see some sites along the freeway and get to know my guide Jacob Masih. Had an amazing time with Jacob and he is a young man with a huge calling on his life. Shared in Agra in a home church and Holy Spirit came down powerfully. This is the church of Pastor Emmanuel and his lovely wife. "She is an amazing cook" They minister in the area surrounding the Taj Mahal which is high poverty area and the christian church is persecuted there. Pastor Emmanuel was my interpreter and guide in the Taj and Red Fort. He looked after us incredibly and has indepth knowledge of the area. Absolutely loved spending time with them and ministering there. Jacob's knee was completely healed during ministry time. People were touched and Holy Spirit was so amazing.

Headed back near Dehli met my new guide his name is Anup, a young man with a powerful testimony. Loved this young man to bits. They are all humble people and Anup Sharma was such a loving and caring young man. He is going to be an amazing husband, pastor, etc. We went to visit the Qutub Minar and spent time praying there and then another home meeting. The Holy Spirit came down powerful in words of knowledge and prohpecy. Our hosts were just so hospitable and was nice seen three generations of the one family hungry for the word of God. This is Ps Fazal,s brothers family 

I was then taken to a church near Dehli where no foreigner has preached there in its 14year history. There was an amazing presence of God there and people got saved, healed, delivered and I believe that everyone got touched by God in one way or another. This was the last preaching gig and the Lord saved the best for last. Unfortunately no one took photos there as there was so much happening it was just amazing. Ps Fazal Masih's other brother took me there on the back of a motorbike. That was an interesting ride where I prayed till i got there and back lol.

Next I was picked up by Ps Sachin and Ps Fazal and taken to meet up with Ps Bony and Ps Anil from Bangladesh in Dehli. I said goodbye to my amazing hosts and continued with Ps Bony. This was one of the best surprises, as Ps Bony asked me if I recognised Ps Anil? I couldnt believe it Ps Anil was a young man we met in the Transformation centre in Bangladesh 18months ago. When we met him he had mental issues, wore a german war helmet, blew a whistle and had a stick where he chased dogs around the entrance to the compound. We prayed for him and was totally healed and restored. 2 months later got married and is now a Pastor with Ps Bony. Amazing transformation. Our God is a good God.

Ps Bony took me to a place where I met an amazing couple of God that oversee 20,000 home churches, 3 orphanages and numerous ministries throughout India. The Lord gave me a word for them, we prayed and shared a meal together. Amazing couple. We then went to a place almost at the end of the runway near the airport. Another amazing family a Doctor of theology lecturing in a number of Universities. Both families asked me to share about my vision for India and revival. Amazing time. I will be putting the vision God gave me up soon. So overall I was blessed and met amazing people hungry for God, and God did not disappoint...... What an awesome honour and privileage it is to do this for Jesus. Now to hear what God is saying for 2019? We dont need to be perfect people or super spiros, just be available and let Jesus in you, bring the light in the dark places...... 

Goodbye India, till next time.......