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    In The Beginning


Ps Luis Gonzalez

Crosslink Endorsed Minister

Luis Gonzalez has been chasing the "more" of God since been saved at a Billy Graham Crusade at Randwick Racecourse in 1977. Has been through many seasons of spiritual warfare, healing, etc since God saved his life after a fatal car accident in 1983. A railway accident in 1984 and other close calls. Since been filled with the Holy Spirit in 1990 Luis was impacted by the ministry of Steve Ryder on the Gold coast and has since been learning as much as possible in regards to spiritual gifts, warfare, but his heart is for Revival/City Wide Transformation.

Luis had been part of some major denominational churches but 
after marriage breakup and divorce in 2008, moved to the Mid North Coast and later married his current wife Alisa an (ex Jehovah's Witness).

Together they have been contending for revival in the Mid North Coast. In 2014 Patricia King was praying for a baptism of fire when Luis was hit powerfully by the Holy Spirit and through a Holy Ghost meeting met Donny McGreggor from Generation Fire ministries and Luis begun a relationship that has seen him impart this "fire" wherever he goes and meets.

Luis has also undertaken studies at Dayspring School of Supernatural Ministries which has given him the tools to move in prophecy and healing...

2016 Luis was called to attend the Fire & Glory Outpouring in San Diego and received impartation from Jeremy & Miranda Nelson, Joshua Mills and Patricia King.

There were many prophecies and impartations but on the last night Patricia prophesied that it was time for Luis to go and light the fires of revival across Australia.

Luis spent time at Azusa St, Bonny Brae house and other places in the US during that time tracing revival history. Luis hosted the Azusa (The Call) 110th Anniversary Taree in which many people from around the Mid North Coast came to celebrate this milestone and pray for Revival to once again hit our nation.

Luis & Alisa then launched the Taree Firehub as part of Generation Fire Ministries and have seen people delivered, saved, set free and walk in their new identities as sons and daughters of a good good Father.

Luis has seen many people healed and delivered and set free physically and emotionally in ministry in Australia and overseas with Genearation Fire, places like U.S., Bangladesh, Nepal and has seen powerful impartations of fire, oil and glory fall during ministry time. Luis has experienced three fires of God and intensities so far as, Orange Red 2014-2016, Blue Flame 2016-2017 and White Lightning Fire end 2017.

Today Luis & Alisa believe that the Mid North Coast - Central Coast Corridor will see revival once again and they are pressing in to see the churches unite in this corridor to see the 7 mountains of society impacted by the Kingdom, as Heaven invades earth and the "churches" unite to once again show the splendor and wonder of our King to the lost, the hurting and the abused as we share His love to all people in our community.......and lead them into a relationship with their heavenly Father, to enter into their inheritance as sons and daughters that are seated at the right side of the Father, within Jesus.......

The launch of The Masters House Church was a vision Luis received while in the U.S. As the old Lawn Bowls/RSL building became available at 15 beeton parade Taree, Luis and Alisa have undertaken to restore the building and the grounds to be used for church, crusades, wedding celebrations and much more. The building is situated in the center of Taree on 8 acres, making this site prime real estate for maximum impact on the local community, while providing people with an opportunity to encounter God as they come to take part in what we are doing here. 2018 has seen many changes in their ministry and Luis heart for the local community and a regional church is now in full flight. At the same time not neglecting the call on His life to the Nations, Luis is travelling to a leprosy colony - Delhi in India in December, Calcutta in India in January 2019, Dhaka in Bangladesh in February 2019 and will continue travelling to the U.S.A and his place of birth Uruguay and South America, but will be travelling wherever he feels God is calling him to go.

2020 has been a year of Covid 19 interruptions, Luis & Alisa were in NZ in an Apostolic gathering on assignment when Covid broke in Australia. Luis & Alisa left Christchurch on the last plane before closures/quarantine became mandatory. We had just gone through the fires in NSW and devastation in Taree, Covid came and then in 2021 the floods hit.


The Master's House lost 95% of everything we owed as the flood came up 5.6mts. That is a long story but due to family and friends we were able to secure a temporary building till we were offered the Church of Christ building late 2022 in the center of town. So 95-99 Victoria St Taree has become our permanent home, such an incredible blessing from God. A building with such revival history in the region. We are so excited about 2023 and beyond.     


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You must continually bring healing to lepers and to those who are sick, and make it your habit to break off the demonic presence from people, and raise the dead back to life. Freely you have received the power of the Kingdom, so freely release it to others.

Matthew 10:8 Passion Translation









Ps Alisa Gonzalez

Alisa was born into a Jehovah’s Witness family. One of seven children. Baptised at age 14. Was married at 19 to a fellow Jehovah’s Witness, had 2 children and as a family served God in the way they thought was right. Their marriage ended march 2007. Alisa met Luis in Nov 2007 a bit broken. Many Bible discussions and their growing friendship got her disfellowshipped from the Jehovah Witness faith.


She still loved God passionately and after much convincing attended a Pentecostal church even though it was terrifying due to the long held belief that Pentecostal people were demonic.

18 long months of God slowly slowly unwrapping much spiritual baggage and healing deep soul wounds and re-learning much of the Bible she gave her life to Jesus in a new way. Was baptised again this time to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and not an earthly organization.


The following years saw much spiritual growth as God taught and moulded. Many testimonies of God at work in her life.

Blessed with three more children.  Luis and Alisa had 3 different prophets speak into them they are called to be pastors. While being a pastor and running a church was Luis’s dream from his teens, Alisa ran with it. Alisa came kicking and screaming. Feelings of inadequacy and an upbringing that women are to be quiet were not easy to dismiss. Along with the challenges that come with running a church the walk has not always been easy. But a heart for people to be set free from bondages is her drive. Her heart is to see people free from wrong teachings and erroneous belief systems taught by men. To see God move in someone’s life, to watch the transformation in front of you is amazing and makes it all worth the effort.  

Alisa is a mighty woman of God and has not just a powerful testimony to share which most woman and man can relate to it, but has a way of preaching that is impactful, to the point and her no "bull" type of preaching hits the mark in most broken hearted and abused people as she shares from her own experiences. She is blunt and to the point with her messages on love, grace and repentance.

It can be said that Alisa is Gods "firecracker" sent to blast the religious spirit from churches and peoples lives to see them set free to see the more of God in their lives without the junk that religion shackles around peoples lives.

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