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The Master's House Church Partners with Caring Care Support


We provide person centred disability support in a variety of environments supporting people in their occupational therapy programs, transportation, working, socialising with friends and family, getting ready for their day

or just chilling out.

We are a small closely connected team, this allows us to provide unique/customised support the way you want it.

 If you are interested or have any enquiries,

contact Luis Gonzalez on 0456 590 082

Ministry School: Wednesday 7pm (Mod 5b: School of Prophecy II  starts 31/01/2024)
Prayer & Worship: Friday 7pm

TMHC Taree Sunday 10am
Supernatural Kids: 10am 
Lunch: 12pm (BYO)
Counselling/Renewal Ministry: By Appointment Only  
Address: 95-99 Victoria St Taree, NSW 2430 Australia 


ABN: 70102534496



Dr Benjo Cabalero:
Hi guys, Dr Niquio will be with us for this event. He is a prophetic worshipper, was lead worshipper for Kim Clement for 6 years, Expression 58, Studied at Bethel Redding, worships for Cindy Jacobs, TBN, etc and around the world


Jody Keck Ministries:


Today, Heaven is waiting on a bold, courageous host of believers to carry the banner of revival. Tommy Welchel was known as “the last living link” to the saints of the Azusa Street Revival. In ‘The River of Zion’, this spiritual general, along with Jody Keck, trace Holy Spirit’s movement from Pentecost to Azusa, and beyond. Read about their amazing journey through the Holy Land, and the prophetic connection between Israel, the Azusa Street Revival, and our present moment in history, empowering you to join your prayers to God’s ongoing work-for miraculous results.

Stan Goodenough:

I am a Gentile, and for over half my lifetime Israel has been my home.

I was born to Protestant parents on a Swaziland mission field, and raised in South Africa where, as a child, I made a Christian commitment but later wasted years on prodigal living.

During the 1980s I volunteered on a number of kibbutzim before returning to South Africa where I worked as a newspaper reporter through the final years of the  apartheid era.

In May, 1991 I was invited to write and edit the Middle East Intelligence Digest – an organ of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ).  My first assignment was to Madrid, Spain, where I reported on the International Middle East Peace Conference being hosted there. Over the decades since I have borne witness to the disastrous effects of the international community’s effort to impose a “peace” on the Middle East.

In 1993, I met a visiting Czech Christian, Františka. We were engaged at the Western Wall and were married at Christ Church, inside the Old City.

For 27 years we have lived in Israel’s capital raising seven, locally-born, children. Our three oldest were granted Israeli citizenship after full service in the IDF.  The rest of the family recently became permanent residents.

Going out from Jerusalem, I have spoken in a number of nations about the momentous events tied to Israel’s restoration, as it unfolds in precise accordance with the words of the Hebrew prophets of old.

In 2011 I became an accredited Israel tour guide and, since then, have enjoyed the never-diminishing thrill of showing Christians around God’s Promised Land.

My deepest wish is to be able to share Israel in this way for the rest of my life. 

Please Note:
School of Prophecy & Discernment will kick off on Wednesday 31st January 2024(Module 5b). (Dates will be adjusted to the below poster shortly)

We are believing for people to really be touched and their lives transformed by God, as they seek and press in to all that God has for them. Becoming Naturally Supernatural is part of our daily walk as christians that spread the love of Jesus wherever they go. Don't delay in registering for these powerpacked 10 wks as "you will never be the same".

Prophetic Bootcamp with Ps Alisa Gonzalez and Adam F Thompson - July Conference


New Release Just $19.95 

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