The Master's House Church Partners with Caring Care Support


We provide person centred disability support in a variety of environments supporting people in their occupational therapy programs, transportation, working, socialising with friends and family, getting ready for their day

or just chilling out.

We are a small closely connected team, this allows us to provide unique/customised support the way you want it.

 If you are interested or have any enquiries,

contact Luis Gonzalez on 0456 590 082

Ministry School: Wednesday 7pm (Mod 1: School of Supernatural Ministries starts 11/5/2022)
Prayer & Worship: Friday 7pm
Genesis Paradise Lost : Tuesdays 7pm TBA
TMHC Taree Sunday 10am
Supernatural Kids: 10am 
Lunch: 12pm (Pot Luck Lunch, bring a plate)
Counselling/Renewal Ministry: By Appointment Only  
Address: 78 River St, Taree NSW 2430, Sailing Club Behind KFC, building next to Rowing Club


ABN: 70102534496


School Of Supernatural Ministries will be starting on the 14th July 2022 - So Register NOW for this life changing course. School of Evangelism will be starting late September

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Hi everyone and welcome to 2022, the year to get equipped.

Our Kingdom Training dates are up for 2022, kicking it of with the school of Shifting Spiritual Atmospheres Module 4b.

This is the second part of Spiritual Warfare Course. If you have been praying and not seen changes in your life, home, work, church, city, region, etc you need to do this course.


It will help you to move into a new realm of victory that you may not have experienced in the past.

If you are an intercessor, you need this course. Many intercessors have not moved to this level of shifting spiritual atmospheres because they are carrying and operating from undealt mindsets that in fact are in agreement with principalities & powers and authorities of darkness. We want to deal with this and see thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven over your lives and those around you.

So don't miss this opportunity and register NOW for this course......


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The Master's House Church has the honour and privileage to host two of the most remakable Kingdom woman we have ever hosted. This is an evangelistic event like no other and together with The Master's House team I urge everyone to bring the lost to this event.


Prophet Silvia Sanford

Founder of Silvia Sanford Ministries and Executive Director of Ignite California. TV Host in Almavision Spanish Christian TV The Woman of Today. Silvia was mentored by Glenda Jackson prophet and Gatekeeper of the ministry the the Kansas City Prophets flowed through. Silvia carries an amazing faith to see Kingdom supply manifest on earth. Her testimony of needing finances and seen 24 carat gold nuggets rain down from Heaven to pay for it all is just amazing. She has been supernaturally transported, seen financial miracles and moves in demostrating the power of God in signs and wonders. She has recently moved to Miami and is under Apostle Guillermo Maldonado.


A word from Prophet Silvia Sanford



Evangelist Angelica Zambrano

Angelica is married and has two childre. Together with her husband Pastor and travel the globe urging people to follow Jesus.

I have personally known of Angelica for many years, have taught on her encounters and preached many messages on her testimony. As a 17year old girl God gave her an encounter in which she was given the time and date on which she would die. For 23 hours the Lord showed her in detail hell and Heaven. She met people that had died including family members and stars, celebrities, etc. God gave her a message to bring back to earth and a passion for souls.

Her story is not about fear but about the 2 kingdoms that are available for us to choose.

The choice is ours. So please bring your family, friends, enemies, neighbours, mother inlaws, etc....Everyone will be touched by the testimonies of these two woman. You will never be the same again..

This is one of Agelicas' testimony


IT is official! We will be ministering in Australia for the first time! I had prophesied that this will be the year of expansion and new territories Isiah 54:2 ! Get ready and watch GOD. (Prophet Silvia Sanford)


Flood Update 20th March 2021Taree - 2022
The Master's House Church was severely affected and damaged by the floods here, the pics will show the extent in which the flood waters came up. Damaged caused to the contents and Ps Luis & Alisa personal belongings and furniture came to nearly 95% of all furniture, and belongings was upto 75%. Most of the church sound equipment was saved as it was placed on the stage. Water levels rose to 5.6 mts but as the building is raised up it meant that it came up to almost waist high in the building just 5mm below the hight of the stage, thank God!!! 
Due to us and our volunteers getting in there as the flood waters receeded, we were able to dry the building very quickly as all walls are concrete and we stopped the spread of any mould getting into the walls, etc. We filled the front of the boundary with all furniture, etc and started the long process to clean the building as soon as we were able.

We want to take this opportunity to once again thank all those that came to help, donated financially and with furniture, goods, clothing, etc. We would like to thank the Federal and State government for acting quickly and bring resources and assistance into the area. Like to thank Westpac bank and all the agencies providing assistance, including the army, firies, local council, etc....

Now because of all this assistance we were able to replace a number of things damaged and get the building to a useable state. However as of the 11th November 2021, the building has been sold and The Master's House Church has to be relocated by the 9th December 2021.

As we continue to seek God in all things, we are preparing for this move but not phased by it, as God has an amazing plan for this church and the Manning Valley Region.
So join us in prayer, intercession, partner with us financially as we press in for a new church home. There is so much that the Lord is doing right now and the opportunities to expand in the midst of what is happening right now reminds us of Isaac 26:12, Isaac sowed in the drought and received 100 fold return the same year.

So we as a church, are putting a demand on our covenant with God, to see the church arise from the ashes of the fire, covid19, the flood and all else that has been thrown at us. Because we know that if we choose to have our attitudes right and continue to "Worship Him in the Mud", He who is faithful, will move with power and juctice. He is not a man that He should lie, so be strong and courageous and continue the path He has laid out for your life till the end. His promises are YES and AMEN......  




Prophetic Bootcamp with Ps Alisa Gonzalez and Adam F Thompson - July Conference


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