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The Conference schedule is as follows:

Friday 10th Feb Session 1 - 7pm

Saturday 11th Feb Session 2 - 10am

Saturday 11th Feb Session 3 - 7pm

Sunday 12th  Feb Session 4 - 10 am

Sunday 12th Feb Session 5 - 6pm


What an amazing opportunity to Host Prophet Silvia Sanford, she has been a prophet for Benny Hinn and noe with Guillermo Maldonado in Miami and founder of the Deborah's Arise movement and Tv program. She moves powerfully in Miracles signs & wonders and is a very well known and established prophet.


Evangelist Angelica Zambrano is an amazingly gifted and anointed woman of God. After God gave her an amazing ecounter in her youth when she died, went to Heaven and hell and experienced such insights into the life after death. You dont want to miss this as it is lifechanging to say the least.


It is the first time for both woman in Australia, due to covid we had them livestreamed last year but this year we are honoured to have them touring Australia for the very first time and releasing what the Father wants released over this Nation and people's lives.....

Taree - Awakened & Ignited FULL Conference 2023

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