Ministry School: Wednesday 7pm (Mod 2: Starting July 29th)
Prayer & Intercession: Friday 7pm
Discipleship Program: Fridays TBC
TMHC Taree Sunday 10am
TMHC Kempsy (Providence House) 7 Little Rudder St, East Kempsey NSW 2440 1st Friday of the month 6pm
Supernatural Kids: 10am 
Lunch: 12pm (Pot Luck Lunch)
Counselling/Renewal Ministry: By Appointment Only  
Address: 15 Beeton Parade, Taree NSW 2430

ABN: 70102534496

The Master's House Church Partners with Caring Care Support

We provide person centred disability support in a variety of environments supporting people in their occupational therapy programs, transportation, working, socialising with friends and family, getting ready for their day

or just chilling out.

We are a small closely connected team, this allows us to provide unique/customised support the way you want it.

 If you are interested or have any enquiries,

contact Luis Gonzalez on 0456 590 082


  • July 2020 Naturally Supernatural Conference 24th - 26th July

  • Adam Thompson - co-author Divinity Code

  • Lana Vawser - author of The Prophetic Voice of God

Tickets for the Naturally Supernatural Conference  2020 can be purchased from this website, on the "Conference Tickets" page.

Note: Seats are limited for this event. 

For more information check the "Events Page"



We are really excited and looking forward in expectation for what God is about to do. We have made a number of posts in regards to the changes due to Covid-19.

We will clarify those changes as follows:

1. Adam Thompson and Lana Vawser will minister, prophesy, teach, etc by 2 way video link. They are in Adelaide and will not be able to leave due to isolation. Just remember God is not limited by space or time so come expecting to engage with God, "the hungry will be filled"....
2. We have capped the number of attendees to 100. This will allow for our ministry team to minister to everyone over the conference period. God is moving powerfully right now and we are seen people healed, delivered and set free in Jesus, so come expecting....

2b. Once capacity is reached, there will be no tickets sold at the door. So book NOW to secure your seats.
3. We are not driven by fear but FAITH, so let's gather and see the spiritual atmosphere over our Nation shift like never before....
4. There are numerous intercessors coming to this conference, so the Lord is upto something. Intercessors coming from all over NSW, Canberra and Qld. This number of intercessors in Taree is unprecedented so come expecting....

5. Due to the border with Victoria closing and our NZ family not been able to travel, we have some extra seats available, so get in asap to secure your seat....




  • Reverend Vaughan Colebrook  

  • Reverend Vaughan Colebrook to share next wk on the believers authority. Make sure you bring your bibles as this is going to be meaty...

  • What an honour and privilege to have Rev Colebrook and wife Ellen and daughter Rev Elizabeth Mitchell and husband Tim and family at The Master’s House Church. I can honestly say that after listening and reading Rev Colebrook’s materials and teachings, I had never in all my years as a Christian come across anyone that has a similar anointing, teaching and walks in the power of the believers authority like Derek Prince, until now! This was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. Rev Colebrook’s teaching, depth and revelation of the word will leave you wanting more. Rev Colebrook is a founding father of the healing movement in Australia and founder of School of Miracles U.S, Fiji, Korea, UK, Czech Republic, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Jamaica, Honduras, etc also was involved with Rev Ruth Heflin, Bethel Christian Centre, Mt Zion Christian Fellowship in Jerusalem.

PLease Note:
School of Supernatural Ministries with Ps Luis and Alisa Gonzalez will kick off on the 29th July not the 22nd. We are believing for people to really be touched and their lives transformed by God, as they seek and press in to all that God has for them. Becoming Naturally Supernatural is part of our daily walk as christians that spread the love of Jesus wherever they go. Don't delay in registering for these powerpacked 10 wks as "you will never be the same".

Postponed due to Covid

Postponed due to Covid

Postponed due to Covid

Pastor Louise Wallis from Sure Fire Ministries, Tamworth together with Ian Johnson from His Amazing Glory Ministries and Rhys Fitzsimmons Ministries are Excited to Announce the Australian Leg of the Australia & New Zealand United Tour,

Register Your Interest Now, Ian Johnson, Luis Gonzalez Alisa Gonzalez Rhys Fitzsimmons & Ruth Fitzsimmons will be Ministering
Click On the Link below to Register your Interest to take advantage of the Early Bird Tickets.

Sunday 6th December 10 am & 6 pm -

Evangelistic Concert with Doug Macfarlane

Prophetic Bootcamp with Ps Alisa Gonzalez and Adam F Thompson - July Conference